The Bonneville Salt Flats
SpeedWeek Primer

This is A Simple Introductory Orientation and Overview Explanatory Website Page
with overall information for First Time Visitors who have NEVER been here before...

This page has Crucial Details - MAPS - Videos - Operations info
collected together that you won't get anywhere else in one place.

Welcome to the Largest Machinery Racing Operation On Planet Earth --
Bonneville Speed Week Land Speed Racing Trials and Timing Operations

Overview Information for people who have Never been to Speed Week on the Bonneville Salt Flats Before. Never mind the "Bucket List" for going here someday. MAKE PLANS NOW AND DO IT !

The things you must know and do - not what you just think it is.
Because It's the only place of it's kind on the continent.
First of All - The Geographical Demographic of this operation covers an area that extends 15 Miles (24 Km) Wide and 25 Miles (40 Km) long; which is 375 Square Miles (603 Km) of Area !
That's an operating space
big enough to fit All of New York City or Dallas Texas inside of it !!
Philadelphia Pennsylvania and Denver Colorado could also be put inside of it with room to spare.
That's how big the spread of this operation IS !!
So if you think you are just going to drive out in your car and park it and go sit in the grandstand in one place and see everything going on you have not a clue as to HUGENESS of what this is...
This is NOT a race track like NASCAR where you sit in a grandstand and cars come racing by all afternoon and go in laps around a race course over and over for a few hours and then it's all over and done. The activities go on for over a week.! You get your money's worth when you come to the SALT ! 

There are No Laps
in Bonneville Salt Flats Racing! It's Specialized Vehicle Machines that go Straight down designated courses one at a time with speed timed miles racing as fast as possible for miles in a straight line and attempting to break the current speed record on file for that kind of vehicle.
The action goes on all day long for a week.

It's more comparable to Bobsled racing in the Olympics, where one competitor at a time goes down the course to get the best time and speed record..
THIS is the Largest Vehicle Racing Operational Space in The World !!
You could put a Dozen NASCAR Facilities Inside the place and still have miles of room to do Donuts around it !
A Facility this large is on a space bigger than most cities in the USA.
So if you are coming here for the first time you will need to bear this in mind and prepare yourself accordingly.

The Miraculous part of it all  is that it's ALL assembled and coordinated on an area that's literally just EMPTY pristine open space and on a bed of salt - Literally put up and then taken down and put into storage every year. ALL by a small crew of Volunteers and Workers that spend Three Months out on that Salt Flats driving Thousands of miles around on it putting it all into place and then operating it with the multitudes of teams and spectators.

An overview of what happens see below for specific details..

This is a Main Map Detail Page with Links to Pix and Videos of The Individual Areas Shown on the map...
375 Square Miles of Operations Makes this The Largest Sports and Racing Operation anywhere in the Entire World.


Bonneville Speed Week 2017 Layout Map
Above is The Actual SCTA-BNI Speed Week 2017 Course Layout Map Based on Salt Flats Conditions.
The 2018 MAP will be configured after May-June Salt Observation and Surface Conditioning occurs.
The Areas to be implemented are based on how Nature moved the salt during the winter wet season.

Layout Map of Bonneville Salt Flats

A Copy of the Google Images Map of The Bonneville Salt Flats
This is marked with specifics from relative distances from the Interstate 80 exit 4 approximating the various course location positioning. Actual Accurate distances can be correlated with the Annual Course Map Drawing showing the designated Salt Layout for the current year.
Open Pinch to Stretch it on Phone and Tablet Devices.

Scroll Down this page for A VERY DETAILED
Numbered Breakdown SUMMARY of the Above Map Information
(Fully Explained for People who have never been here before
who have no idea about how it operates and what it is)
Sorting out all the activity going on over hundreds of square miles of Salt Flats
Starting at the Interstate Exit
and working outward onto the Salt Flats for over 10 Miles (16 Km)....


Bonneville Salt Flats Exit 4
(1) THE ARRIVAL ! This is Interstate 80 Exit 4 in Utah heading North from the exit.



From I 80 Exit 4 at Sinclair to Salt Flats Entrance for 5 miles - 8.04 Km
(2) Your first encounter of activity is The Five Miles of Outback Primitive Camping along the access road
with a bend to the right a third of the way along it as shown on the yellow road sign.
Speed Week Bonneville Salt Flats Camping by Bend In The Road
THIS IS A FREE OPEN AREA which extends for 5 miles where you can set up and camp. Some people come weeks ahead and hang around for a whole month on a summer holiday vacation from late July through the end of August.
Camping Along Access Road To Bonneville Salt Flats Speed Week

Aussie Camping Along Bonneville Access Road During Speed Week
 The 'Bend In The Road' is nearly midway along the road - about 2 miles (3.21 Km)
from interstate exit With Camping all along the stretch on the south side.
(It's The Right Turn toward Salt Flats entrance on the Access Road)
Camping along Bonneville Salt Flats Access Road

Along the 5 Mile Stretch of Open Area Public Camping along South Side of Access Road
  Self Contained FREE Primitive Camping on BLM Land with No Provisions Whatsoever.


5 Miles; 8.04 Km in from Interstate Exit 4
(3) Main Gate Entrance onto The Bonneville Salt Flats Area that
goes out onto the Eighth Wonder of the World.

Main Gate Entering SpeedWeek


(4) Main Access Road Driving out ONTO THE SALT
is The Salt Flats Highway
(Runs along The entire Salt Flats Operations for 10 miles; 16 Km)

This daily Trek is the motoring equivalent of riding on a boat into a huge lake,
there is nothing in any direction for tens of miles.

(This is half way out into the SALT Flats activity)

(5) About 3 Miles (4.82 Km) in from SALT entrance
About 8 Miles (12.87 Km) from I 80 Exit 4

Video of Activity watch it through for runs that go on.
Bear in mind that the 2 cars at the end are nearly 5 miles away
and you can still hear them as plainly as when they were right in front of you..

Bonneville Starting Line Activity
  The Timing Courses Mile Zero Starting Line Area
This is where all participants Launch onto groomed courses with timed miles to compete against their particular speed record that is already on the books and attempt to Exceed it.


(6) About 5 Miles (8.04 Km) out from Salt Entrance and 10 Miles (16 Km) from Interstate Exit 4
IF You want to be at The ONE place where all these amazing vehicles that run on the salt line up as they arrive and get examined, then you need to GO HERE to the Main Bonneville Operations Area with your cameras to take historic Magazine cover style photographs.
This is an international event - with vehicles and attendees from countries all around the globe arriving here.
THIS Location is LITERALLY The Grand Central Station of Land Speed Racing for the Entire World.!
To see the best of this You'll need to be here as the operation first opens to competing vehicles for check in and Tech Inspection on Wed and Thurs before the actual courses are open. These vehicles proceed from here to the pit area that extends along the salt for several miles.

Bonneville Salt Flats Speed Week Operations Area and Tech Inspection
This is the Main Hub of SCTA-BNI Main Operations - A Busy Bustling Area of Check in with
Tech Inspection - Official Programs - Rule Books - Souvenirs - Main Information Area - Etc.

Speed Week Tech Inspection with Streamliner
Here a Streamliner is opened up and undergoes Tech Inspection at Bonneville Check In Area

Speed Week Bonneville Salt Flats Tech Inspection Activity Mini

BNI Bonneville Sales Trailer at Speed Week

NOTE That The Images shown above are but a mere 1 minute sampling of The Main Bonneville Operations Area activity with Registration and Tech Inspection for Competing Vehicle Check In which goes on daily for a week, with the initial mid week rush as Speed Week gets underway.


(7) About 5 Miles out (8.04 Km)  from Salt Entrance and 10 Miles (16 Km) from Interstate Exit 4Bonneville Salt Flats Impound Area Speed Week

Record Setting Cars at  Impound at Bonneville Salt Flats
The IMPOUND Area - Near Tech Inspection and Beginning of Pit Area
Look for the Big Yellow Vertical Flag with the word IMPOUND ! as shown in the pix above.
As different records in different classes are exceeded every day, the machines who achieve this are then parked here for mechanical inspection and examination by Official Technical Inspectors, and Anyone else. It's The Place for Once in a lifetime photo opportunities of the parked Unique and Amazing Machines for the Speed Week Spectator.


About 5 Miles out (8.04 Km) from Salt Entrance and 10 Miles (16 Km) from Interstate Exit 4

8) ALL Impound Record Setter's Need to Return for a 2nd Run.
These are known as "Return Runs"
This Daily Lineup occurs Mornings at by 6:30 AM ONLY!!

By 7AM or so this lineup queue then gets moving and proceeds onward, moving 3 miles (4.82 Km) down to the Starting Lines at Course Mile Zero and The Daily Timing Run Activity gets underway after that for all competing vehicles..
How it Works: All Participants that exceeded the speed on record the previous day had their vehicles placed into IMPOUND for tech inspection and they now come out from IMPOUND onto the causeway and line up with their machines into a staging Queue which then proceeds onward and Returns - to make a second timed run - to mile Zero and the starting line for the various courses their vehicle class is running on. If this return also run exceeds the speed record currently on file, the speed of both of the runs is then averaged for a net speed which now becomes the new Permanent record in the books for that class and machine, which stands until it is exceeded again by another run in the future..
The operational structure and object of the game here with the return run is to run at the crack of dawn when it's dead calm and the salt and the air is all nice and cool.

Speed Week Impound Return Run Lineup
If you want to come onto the SALT in time for this from Wendover,
you should be on the road by 6AM in the dark.

This is a great photo op for getting pix of machines with participants all Queued up and observe the majestic Sunrise on the SALT which also happening at this time and is amazing in a different way Every Day ! :-)
Speed Week Record Setter's Return Run Line up From Impound
The vehicles line up on the competition causeway just outside of impound
This is near Main Operations Tech Inspection  Vendors and Food Area.


(9) About 5 Miles out (8.04 Km)  from Salt Entrance and
10 Miles (16 Km) from Interstate Exit 4
Extending outward for 2 (3.21 Km) to 4 miles (6.5 Km)

Cars at the Pits During Speed Week on the Bonneville Salt Flats
This pit area literally extends onward for miles along the causeway on the SALT.
It is also several rows wide. You can spend days just meandering around this area visiting with the various teams and watching them configure their land speed machines.

Short Area View
Video Panning Across the Pitts
and around to the courses from the Radio Station Tower

Pit Area Bonneville Salt Flats Speed Week
Long view into Pit Area along causeway that extends onward for miles

This great Walk around video takes you into the pits to see a smattering of the various teams
and operations all busy with their machines as well as the other hot rods and coming and going activity.

Ron and Slim at Speed Week Radio Station
 Ron and Slim
The Voices of Speed Week

Here's A 45 Minute Sample From start of Tues Speedweek 2017 with return runs.
Radio is on 8-10 Hrs each day..

The Bonneville Salt Flats Speed Week is such a large operation that it has it's own FM Radio Station!
The radio station broadcast trailer, transmitter and antenna tower is located along the causeway about a mile into the pit area. The Salt Flats huge ground plane is the ideal place for transmitting a radio signal into the line of sight and wide open expanse. The station can be picked up for dozens of miles in all open directions outward along the Salt Flats and on Interstate 80 by all the passing traffic. When you go around the mountain into Wendover the signal fades since FM can't pass through the solid rock mountain formations.
The Radio Station tune in frequency is always posted or available at the main entrance gate.
Set your car radio to the station and You can hear the world famous long time announcers Ron Christensen and Seldom Seen Slim who both have been announcing land speed racing activity for many decades.
The station goes on the air every morning as the Salt opens for the day and goes off the air every evening as the Salt Closes for the day. The Radio Station can also be accessed from Phone APPS that make the phone pick up FM radio or access streaming online right on the web... The Radio Signal is streamed LIVE over the internet every day during Speed Week keep THIS LINK from the BNI website. This is All Radio Sound Streaming only and not connected with web cams.
It is also
archived onto where you then can go back and listen to each days activity in a player after Speed Week - all year long and hear the record runs and all the action that you observed on the Bonneville Salt Flats in person. ! That's great treatment for Salt Fever until the next Speed Week.


10) Food Service and Supply Vendor Area - Near Impound in above pictures
About 5 Miles out (8.04 Km) from Salt Entrance and 10 Miles (16 Km) from Interstate Exit 4
Speed Week Bonneville Salt Flats Food Area
Food Eating Area with Canopies Tables and Food Vendors
There's a great menu of hearty food for hungry Racing competitors and their pit crew

Sunbeat Sunglasses On The Salt

Sunbeat Sunglasses Specifically Filtered for Bonneville Salt Flats Glare

Mike Sunbeat Sunglasses on Salt Flats during speed week

Sunbeat has Proper Eye Protection with Special Lenses which are Tailored to the specific Light Exposure and Glare which reflects off the SALT ! A comprehensive collection of Eye Protection in many styles, as well as a complete collection of custom eye wear and fancy colored sunglasses etc. Also Special White Hats with Long Brims and Neck Shields like the one he's wearing standing behind the counter in the above photo. Once you get one of those hats you won't want to go about on the SALT without it !
IF you are a spectator coming for the first time you need to go here.
There's also a large variety of other hats - Straw Hats AND Woman's Men's and Children's hats.
All Geared Toward Protection From The Sun.
IF you have sensitive eyes and wear special expensive prescribed sun shield lenses, they will not be sufficient  here and you should see Mike. There have been people who come on the SALT with these "special" sun glasses who have to leave because they are not working out here. Extended Exposure to the Bright Sun reflecting off the salt is like looking at someone welding.
YOU MUST wear Proper Eye protection.

Shock Surplus Vendor on Salt

Safety Clean Ops on Salt
Safety Kleen Operations

West Wendover Welcome Center Setup On Salt

West Wendover Welcome Center on Salt
Need to know about what's going on in the local area and it's related information ?
Visit These Wendover Welcome Center Information Tables in the vendor area along the causeway.
Historic Information and Collectables Posters and you get to sign the Guest Book.

Saltpfooing USA Fluid Operations on the Bonneville Salt Flats
Saltproofing with USA Fluid Operations Tables and windblown canopy
Right next to the food eating area along the causeway


Spectators on the Bonneville Salt Flats
(11) Salt Fever Spectator line up for Miles along the causeway  from mile Zero to mile Three
 About 3-5 Miles (4.82-8.04 Km) out from Salt Entrance
and 7-10 Miles (11.26-16 Km) from Interstate Exit 4


Follow John Wylie on YouTube for lots of Great Videos like this one here;
Taken from the top end of the timing courses.
You can watch the Speed Demon at over 400 MPH and many others on these videos also.

Competitor Vehicles on the Bonneville Salt Flats Causeway

(12) Competing Vehicle Causeway Access and Return Road
This is the back and forth road which runs the 6 Miles (9.65 Km) along the area from the Pits to Mile Zero
The video of a 415 MPH RUN shows a glimpse into the activity with excited and flabbergasted spectators standing there in astonishment after watching the run. People going to and fro who are gathered all over the area for 10 miles with cameras and binoculars.
IF you are using a hand held phone or tablet and holding it out in front of you, then this video shows the wavering that you will get when zooming in to capture the car going by at high speed in the distance out on the long course..

This video is a great job doing an overview of what it's like to race Speed Week from The List


2000+ Street Rods and Hot Rods Cruising around on the Salt and
The main gathering At The Golden Nugget Montego Bay in downtown Wendover, NV

Street Rods in Wendover NV at Golden Nugget Montego Bay

Street Rods During Speed Week At Golden Nugget Montego Bay
This is just the edge of it all - A small sampling of the Classics and Vintage Hot Rod gathering over the weekend of Speed Week on the Bonneville Salt Flats

Here's A Slide Show of all the Hot Rod Gathering activity.

BNI is Bonneville Nationals

This is The Website of the Bonneville Operations Mother Ship....
SCTA - BNI Main Website

Click HERE or on the above Image to access the SCTA Main Bonneville Operations Website with Complete information and schedules for attending and competing and participating along with everything else that goes on.


Wendover Map of Cites on State Line between Nevada and Utah
Image of West Wendover, NV and Wendover, UT Map from Google Images.
Live MAP Location


West Wendover Welcome Center Information
They are also set up on the Salt Flats in the Vendor Area during Speed Week.

Contact Information
City of West Wendover
Tourism & Convention Bureau
735 Wendover Boulevard
P.O. Box 2825
West Wendover, Nevada 89883

Phone Number
Tel: (775) 664-3138
Toll Free:  1-866-299-2489
Fax: (775) 664-2214
Talk to Kerrie Supanich

Welcome Center Website Link

 Welcome Center Google Live Map Location

YouTube Channel
Google Lookup Listing of Hotels Near Bonneville Salt Flats


#1) Taking WATER with you in bottles is the most important thing you can do.
Prepare yourselves for The Salt Flats Wide Open Desert Environment.

The Humidity out on the Salt is Nearly Zero. When the temperature is above 90 Degrees F it still feels like it's only 70F because it's so dry, and you will dehydrate and not even know it and end up with Sunstroke. The effective altitude in those conditions exceeds 7,000 Feet. People who are susceptible to high altitudes making them feel dizzy will get light headed if you don't stay hydrated and drink a bottle of water every 20 - 30 minutes; even if you are sitting in the shade.. And you will Not even sweat because it all evaporates into the zero humidity on the Salt. The Water doesn't even have to be in ice. IF you are dehydrating just drinking it will be fine even with the water at the air temperature.

Water Bottles to take onto Salt FlatsBottles of Water

#2) WEARING WHITE CLOTHING Preferably from HEAD TO TOE is an Absolute MUST !
Dark and Black Material ABSORBS HEAT from the sun and gets Hot.
You walk around with clothing on your body that's 150 Degrees F..!
White material reflects the sun and stays Cool.
Watch the Officials at The Starting Line and in operations who are wearing totally white clothing and operating out in the sun the entire day from sunrise until late in the evening when activities cease for the day.
Even when you are staying under a Tarp the reflected sunlight from the salt is like still being out in the sun normally back at home.
IF you ride in on a motorcycle, stow the leathers and go with cotton in plain white T shirts and light pants.
Many people walk with light colored umbrellas open above them as a parasol and sun shield.
Bonneville Salt Flats - B sure 2 Dress In White !!
This Guy is an example of The Way to do it !!

Please Do Not walk all the miles from the spectator area to the pits without following the above guidelines. Drive it in your car and Park there - There's Miles of Open Salt all around the areas.. Pay Attention to the Great Distance between things on the map and descriptions shown above. A Man and his young son about 11 yrs old parked their car at the spectator area by mile Zero and then walked over 3 miles in the open sun for nearly an hour up to the Vendor and Pit Area late in the afternoon dressed in dark clothing and with no water and when they got there they were disoriented, totally dehydrated and ready to drop. They could have just taken their car and drove there in a few minutes. Vendors gave them bottles of water and sat them at the Food Service eating tables to recuperate. They didn't think they were thirsty, and then the water was all gone in less than a minute..

#3) Handicapped Access and Special Needs. IF you are arriving with a special handicapped vehicle you can make advanced arrangements months ahead of time with The SCTA-BNI or STOP at the main gate and meet with the Officials there who will then address the situation and direct you to the proper area for what you are doing.

If something happens and there's a vehicle or personal emergency need, then get people and participants there around you to locate one of the Officials with 2 way radios who are moving over the areas all day to come to your specific location with assistance and help.

If you take special pills and medication make sure you have it with you and keep extra put away in your vehicle. Remember that it's a half hour drive to get back to town and the store if anything is needed. Have WHITE colored towels and water at all times to cover with and wet with in the event that you start to feel too hot.

Make it your business to be smart and take the proper things with you coming to the salt the same way you take essentials for what's important for your safety and well being when you would be going out into the forest to visit and stay, go climbing on mountainsides, or any other place that has specific needs for the conditions and environment of that particular location.

#4) Care and Extra Batteries for Cameras and Phone.
Make sure everything is fully charged from the night before.
DO NOT leave your batteries, cameras, phones and accessories on dashboards and seats in cars sitting in the hot sun. The car will become a solar oven with internal surface temperatures over 160-190 degrees F. Keep things stowed in an electronics bag that's kept tucked away under the seats and out of the sunlight if you are locking up a car. If your bag is dark colored, and wrap it up inside of a white towel. This preventative measure will prolong their life, keep them from getting fried, failing or worse yet, having the device and batteries fail and blow out.


SADLY - - -  IT ALL ENDS !!   :(

Bonneville Sunset In Car Mirror
Heading Away From Bonneville Salt Flats Speed Week to Salt Lake City.
You See the Superlative Salt Flats Sunset Looking Back from the car mirror..


 # # #

Saltproofing by USA Fluid Products Co.